Which is the latest haircut?

Which is the latest haircut

There are various latest haircuts and styles for both men and women. Some of the latest haircuts for men include the Ivy League, the Caesar cut, and the comb-over. For women, popular choices include the bob, the pixie cut, and the long layers.  When choosing a new haircut or style, it is essential to consider […]

Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth?

Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth

For some people, unwanted body hairs are the bane of their existence. If you’re one of those people, you’ve probably tried all sorts of hair removal methods – from shaving to waxing to epilating. Have you ever wondered if waxing reduces hair growth? We’ve all heard the rumors, but does science back it up? In […]

What Should I Avoid After an OxyGeneo Facial Treatment?

What Should I Avoid After an OxyGeneo Facial Treatment

An OxyGeneo facial treatment is known to be effective and safe. It has a lot of benefits in store for its loyal followers. With OxyGeneo, you can be assured of more youthful and radiant skin. However, you should avoid a few things after an OxyGeneo facial treatment to maintain efficacy and prevent side effects. This […]

Does Brow Lamination Ruin Your Brows?

Does Brow Lamination Ruin Your Brows

Who doesn’t love thick and full brows? There are so many procedures you can have to achieve full brows, but one has recently stood out and has become a hot trend. With the trend of thick, bushy brows being in style recently, it’s no wonder this new treatment called brow lamination has become so popular.  […]

Why is the OxyGeneo Super Facial More Effective than a Standard Facial?

Why is the OxyGeneo Super Facial More Effective than a Standard Facial?

We all know that we should always include facials in our regular beauty and skincare routine to have a much better and healthier skin condition. But with the wide array of facial treatments that we can choose from, it may be quite confusing and difficult to decide which one would work best for us. One […]