Cady Messenger

RN, Registered Nurse

Cady Messenger, RN

Cady is a Registered Nurse with 4 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2017 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Throughout her nursing career, Cady has spent 2 years in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit at Ruby Memorial Hospital and 2 years as a traveling nurse in critical care units all across the country in the heat of the pandemic.

Cady appreciates the opportunity and experience she had at the bedside, but always had a passion for aesthetic medicine and helping people look and feel their best! Cady is currently in her final semesters at Spring Arbor University to complete her Master of Science in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner, while working at Willow. As she completes her degree, Cady will also be attending trainings and continuing education to further develop her knowledge and expertise in aesthetic medicine.

Cady has always had an interest in fashion and beauty from a young age. After finding aesthetic medicine, she discovered she could combine her nursing background with her fashion and beauty interest to help clients build their self-confidence so they can radiate from the inside out!