LED Light Therapy in Morgantown West Virginia

The Power of LED

Am I a Candidate?

Calming Rejuvenation

With LED Light Therapy in Morgantown West Virginia, you will immediately look more radiant with an even skin tone and texture. LED Light therapy promotes faster healing and helps calm redness and rosacea.

The Procedure


What It Treats

Signs of Aging
Healing & Downtime


No Downtime
Produces Collagen
$25 Add-On to Any Treatment

How it Works

LED stands for “light emitting diode,” which contains both red and blue light. Used for acne and other skin rejuvenation applications, LED light therapy is a safe and effective add-on to nearly any facial treatment at Willow Med Spa in Morgantown!


After your treatment, your aesthetician can apply the LED Light to the treatment area to promote collagen and improve your skin’s ability to heal, resulting in tighter, glowing skin and less downtime.

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