Don’t Get a Laser Treatment Before Reading This! | Laser Treatments in Morgantown

Don’t Get a Laser Treatment Before Reading This! | Laser Treatments in Morgantown

If you’ve found us from searching for laser treatments at a med spa, welcome! 

Aesthetic lasers can produce incredible results for a variety of skin conditions. However, there are some things you should consider before your first appointment or consultation.

Some laser treatments require more than one appointment.

Some lasers, like the Halo laser, may only need a single treatment to achieve results. Others may take a series of 3 to 5 or more to achieve its full effect.

It’s about more than simply the strength of the laser itself; it also has a lot to do with the severity of your sun damage, wrinkles, or other conditions you’re trying to treat. 

So you may not see results right away.

Most laser treatments in Morgantown take time not only to heal, but for maximum results to appear. 

Downtime IS a thing when it comes to stronger lasers like the HALO. For others, like SkinTyte or BBL HERO, you can return to work immediately. 

Then there’s something we call “social downtime,” which is the amount of time we recommend giving your skin some R&R from makeup, sun exposure, and any other activities that may affect the healing process. 

Moral of the story: Not all lasers were created equal.

Aesthetic lasers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for something as specific as treating freckles; others can help you achieve a more general improvement of your skin’s quality. 

It’s tempting to read about the newest trend or treatment in Cosmo and jump on board. But you should tread lightly. In the wrong hands, lasers can be ineffective, or even worse, damage your skin!

Make sure you trust your laser treatment provider. They should be highly qualified and trained, and should be able to provide you with clear pre-care and post-care instructions.

Take it from your local skincare experts.

Our cutting-edge treatments are backed by the latest innovations and research. All of our providers are exceptionally well-trained and the best in the business. And we are committed to client satisfaction and stand behind all of our work.

Comprising Morgantown’s premier medical spa, men and women of all ages across the region trust the team at Willow Med Spa  to provide the most high quality skincare and body contouring treatments and deliver amazing results.

If you’re ready to get your skin in the best shape of its life, schedule a consultation with our skin experts to get matched with the right aesthetician for your needs. You can also use our Virtual Consultation Tool to discover which treatments may work best to address your concerns.

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