DIVA is a quick, comfortable, minimal to no downtime laser procedure designed to address a woman’s most intimate challenges. Women are calling this nonsurgical nonhormonal treatment a “life-changing” solution. The Hybrid fractional laser technology uses two different laser energies to target different layers of the vaginal wall at once, resulting in new, healthy tissue that improves sexual health, vaginal dryness, irritation, and urinary stress incontinence. diVa is a quick and comfortable five-minute same-day procedure with little to no downtime.



By precise laser heating of the vaginal tissue, the controlled thermal damage stimulates your own body’s healing mechanism to produce new, healthy vaginal tissue. New, beneficial tissue results in better lubrication, decreased irritation, and tighter tissues surrounding the urethra, producing better bladder control and improved vaginal health.


diVa laser addresses vaginal atrophy and dryness that can result from breast cancer, childbirth, or menopause. diVa has also been shown to improve urinary stress incontinence by enhancing the quality of the tissue around the urethra. Fluctuations in the hormonal status due to aging, childbirth, or chemotherapy for breast cancer can lead to thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal wall. Thinning and stretching the tissues surrounding the urethra often leads to urinary stress incontinence. diVa is a nonhormonal and nonsurgical solution to these problems.


This is a non-invasive treatment that implements a hybrid fractional laser to improve the tissue of the vagina.
Most patients typically start to see improvements hours after their first procedure. The results continue to improve as new collagen fibers are stimulated gradually.
The results are generally long-lasting. Most patients get improvements that last for 9-18 months.
Yes, there are mild side effects that are short-term. Some patients may get redness, swelling, tightness, or discomfort in the area of treatment. These symptoms fade within a few days.

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