Natural Growth Factor Injections

Natural Growth Factor Injections

Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment uses your body’s platelets as the solution to advance your body’s natural healing capabilities. This procedure is also clinically proven to improve the recovery of injured tendons, ligaments, and joints. Some of the most fantastic benefits of this solution are that it rejuvenates cell growth on the deepest layers of the skin, dissolves the appearance of scarring, and encourages the new production of collagen to give you vibrant-looking skin. Natural Growth Factor Injections uses the body’s healing processes to restore facial volume, fade dark hollow skin beneath the eyes, and rejuvenate the skin.



At Willow Med Spa, we use a method called centrifugation to boost the concentration of platelets and their growth factors. This enhanced solution is combined with the blood sample and gently injected into the targeted area. This accelerates your body’s healing capabilities. The Natural Growth Factor Injections facial is an excellent option for patients who want to revitalize their skin’s glow and correct moderate skin irregularities. You’re the perfect candidate if you have a dull skin tone, fine vertical lines near the mouth, or acne scars. We perform this procedure on patients with an exclusive four-step treatment:

Step one: We apply a numbing cream to the face thirty minutes before the procedure for maximum comfort.

Step two: We carefully extract a small amount of blood from your arm into a vial.

Step three: Using the microneedling method, we carefully make microscopic wounds on the targeted area. This causes the dermis to release biomolecules into the targeted area’s skin.

Step four: Using the concentrated Natural Growth Factor Injections extracted from your body, injections are inserted into the targeted area with platelets stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin. You’ll see improvements in the vibrancy of your skin within weeks after your skin finishes the healing phases.


Natural Growth Factor Injections rejuvenates your skin on areas such as the face, dark eye hollows, scalp, and anywhere else on the body.

You’ll notice tangible results within 2-6 weeks after treatment.

The improvements can last one year. We recommend monthly follow-up sessions for the first three to four months for optimal results.
Yes. You’ll get minimal symptoms, including soreness, bruising, and swelling.

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