Botox is a safe and FDA-approved wrinkle treatment that transforms your skin’s appearance giving you a youthful, smooth look. As a minimally invasive solution, there’s no downtime or recovery. Mild to moderate skin conditions are improved instantly. Fine lines and wrinkles deepen and become more noticeable as your skin matures. This injectable reduces wrinkles on the forehead and various other areas. The Botox we use consists of an ultra-purified protein given to patients in minimal doses to reduce muscle creases caused by facial expressions.



Botox decreases muscle activity, allowing the existing wrinkles to smooth out and prevent more wrinkles from appearing. Neurotoxins avoid the release of signals from the nerves to the muscles. This results in causing the muscles to get constrained, which alters any stiffness to become soft.


At Willow Med Spa, we administer Botox injections quickly and efficiently. The convenience of this treatment allows you to visit us during your lunch hour and walk out of our MedSpa with a smooth, renewed appearance. First, we cleanse your skin and put a numbing cream on the treatment area for maximum comfort. Then, we perform several injections on the target area. The injections are inserted within seconds and cause minimal to no discomfort. We put gentle pressure on the area to minimize bleeding and bruising. Procedures usually last thirty minutes. The improvements can last up to four months, although it varies for each patient.
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Forehead Lines

Do you have noticeable lines on your forehead? Quickly give this area a soft look with Botox injectables. This treatment not only treats the wrinkles but also prevents them from reappearing. It results in giving your skin a youthful, radiant appearance. Scowl lines may also be treated to give your skin a balanced and harmonized look.

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Scowl Lines

The mild to moderate lines between your eyebrows can quickly be diminished with Botox injections. It’s caused by furrowing the eyebrows excessively and gets more apparent as the years go by. Restrain these lines and get a satin soft and ageless appearance.

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Lip Lines

Smiling doesn’t have to worsen fine lines and wrinkles. Treat those mild to moderate lines surrounding your lips with a noninvasive Botox treatment. We’ll inject the solution into the lip for a plumper, voluminous appearance.

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Crow’s Feet

Lines on the outer corners of the eyes can be treated with Botox. A few units of this injectable can cause those fine lines to subside to keep your eyes looking sleek.

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Bunny lines

Bunny lines become visible when you scrunch your nose. A quick procedure can reduce those lines giving you replenished, soft skin.

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Don’t see an area tailored to your concerns? Let’s discuss it at your consultation. We can customize your treatment plan to give you optimal results.


Botox injections treat forehead wrinkles near the eyes, lips, neck, and chin. It mainly treats crow’s feet, lines between the eyebrows, lines on the corners of the mouth, smile lines.

The results will be apparent within a few days. Most patients see complete improvements in two weeks.

Most patients get long-lasting results. This treatment is capable of lasting 4-6 months. Once it dissipates, lines and wrinkles appear, and you’ll have to schedule follow-up treatments to continue reaping the results of smooth, wrinkle-free skin.
Yes, redness, headaches, and temporary facial weakness or drooping might occur. These symptoms fade within a few hours.

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