Kybella is a double chin reduction treatment that improves the appearance of submental fat. Double chins are often hereditary, storing excess water and fat in the chin area, but can also result from aging or weight gain. This injectable is administered into the fat beneath the chin giving you a slim and firm appearance. Kybella is versatile because it can also be used in areas such as the armpits, bra line bulge, love handles, or abdomen. Diminish moderate to severe accumulated fat cells quickly and safely.



Kybella uses deoxycholic acid (a naturally-occurring chemical in your body) to destroy the fat cells in your double chin. Kybella is formulated with a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid that treats fat cells permanently once injected into the targeted area. The solution reduces these fat cells, which are flushed out of your body gradually. In a clinical trial, 82.4% of patients reported significantly improved satisfaction with their appearance. A perk worth mentioning is that when these fat cells are treated, they can’t reproduce. Once you accomplish your aesthetic goal, no further sessions are necessary.


At Willow Med Spa, we ensure to perform an in-depth assessment of your condition and discuss a customized treatment plan. We’ll sanitize the area of treatment and administer small medication injections. The procedure usually takes thirty minutes. The number of injections you’ll get depends on the number of fat cells in the targeted area. Most patients get several procedures to reach optimal results.


Kybella is for you if you have fat beneath your chin that doesn’t decrease with a healthy diet and exercise. Excessive fat in the armpits, bra line bulge, love handles, and abdomen can also be treated.

You’ll see the results in six weeks after your last procedure. The improvements continue to become apparent for six months after treatment.

The results are permanent. The fat deposits can’t be reproduced.
Yes, bruising, swelling, inflammation, mild aches, redness, and numbness may occur. Get medical care if the treated area is numb for more than a day or ulceration appears.

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