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Evaluating Self Care Deficits In Your Life

Self-care is one of the most important ways to achieve balance and wellness. There are countless blogs, apps, and podcasts dedicated to helping people put themselves first without feeling selfish. Although self-care is vital, many individuals fail to prioritize “me time.”

One of the many things that hold people back from doing this is the lack of time. With busy schedules, deadlines and family obligations, it can be tough trying to squeeze in that manicure, facial or a massage.

However, once you begin to recognize the areas of your life that are slipping, you’ll begin to realize just how important self-care is. Let’s evaluate a few instances where self-care could be a deficit.

What is Self-Care?

To begin, let’s define what self-care is exactly. It can involve taking care of your physical needs, like eating and grooming and skin care and the things that make you feel beautiful. It also means caring for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Achieving a sense of holistic wellness in all areas of life and self.

Many people label pampering sessions, expressing themselves or even going to the gym as their moments of “self-care.” Although this may seem easy, many people struggle with implementing this concept into their daily life. Therefore, they are left with immense feelings of regret and frustration.

Are you Overworked?

Trying to reach that next level is admirable. Especially in a climate that is so competitive career-wise. From working late nights to embracing multiple side hustles, it can be easy to allow success to crowd out your self-care priority.

While you are reaching the top, set aside some time each day to do something beneficial to your mental well-being. Whether that’s waking up 30 minutes earlier to do a meditation or using your lunch-break to catch up on your favorite book while you enjoy a relaxing pedicure.  You need to schedule that time into your professional day.

Are you irritable?

If you start to notice changes in your personality for the worse, you may need to give yourself a much-needed time-out. Especially if you begin to notice this change in behavior with others.

When we feel frustrated internally, we may subconsciously take this feeling out on others. Instead of allowing aggression to fester, express your needs and take some time off for yourself. Imagine allowing yourself a couple hours of “me time” in the spa to rejuvenate your skin.  This will carry over into all areas of your life.  It will ensure that you are presenting the best version of yourself both physically and emotionally.

Are you Constantly Giving?

Setting self-care boundaries often means saying no to others. While this may seem extremely tough, it is essential to your well-being. Especially if you are starting to feel like your needs aren’t being properly addressed.

One way to do this is to prioritize your needs first. Engage in activities that feed your soul before you commit to everybody else. You will see a dramatic difference in how you feel about yourself when you learn how to say no.

Acknowledge When You Need Self-Care

One of the hardest parts about identifying why you are feeling frustrated is pinpointing the time to set aside for self-care. One way to do so is to utilize your phone. Set a reminder that alerts you when it’s time to think about yourself.

Make this time non-negotiable and limit the interruptions. By setting aside this time, you are committing to taking care of yourself. This will make the process easier once you incorporate it into your routine.

Once you evaluate areas of your life that need a little TLC, self-care will be easier to implement into your routine. This will work to improve your overall sense of wellness and make you a happier, healthier person.  When you take a timeout at the spa you are meeting your needs on multiple levels.

Finding the Time

For many, finding time for self-care is problematic, but the truth is you have to make the time.  If you don’t who will? If you don’t make the time, you can find yourself burnt out and unable to do all those things that keep you from caring for yourself in the first place.

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