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Love Your Legs: Sclerotherapy in Morgantown, West Virginia at Willow MedSpa

Love Your Legs: Sclerotherapy in Morgantown, West Virginia at Willow MedSpa

Do you find yourself covering up your legs because you feel self conscious about visible veins? Avoid hiding your legs with Sclerotherapy in Morgantown, West Virginia. Let Willow MedSpa help you love the look of your legs!

Morgantown Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that treats both small varicose veins and larger spider veins. This procedure injects saline solution into the vein, causing it to close up and completely fade over the following weeks. Sclerotherapy in Morgantown causes the veins to disappear quickly after treatment, but can take up to a month to see full results. Most severe spider veins may require multiple treatments to get the results desired.

While Sclerotherapy in Morgantown isn’t painful, patients may experience a pinching sensation at the injection site. Patients can continue their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Walking is recommended to get the blood flow moving within the other veins.

Love your legs with the help of Sclerotherapy in Morgantown, West Virginia! Call Willow MedSpa at 304.777.2352 to schedule a consultation.

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