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So Long Sagging Skin | Willow Med Spa & Salon | Morgantown, WV

As we age, our skin loses the strength and elasticity it once had when we were younger. Decreased collagen production in the skin creates loose, sagging skin resulting in an older looking complexion and appearance. SkinTyte™ at Willow MedSpa can firm and tighten sagging skin while improving the overall appearance of your complexion!

As a safe and effective treatment, SkinTyte in Morgantown, West Virginia can improve the appearance of enlarged pores, mild acne scars, fine lines, age spots, skin texture, discoloration and sun damage as well as firm and tighten loose skin with minimal downtime. This non-invasive treatment commonly treats the arms, face, neck and abdomen but can be used anywhere on the body.

Morgantown SkinTyte utilizes infrared light energy with skin cooling technology to heat the collagen below the skin’s surface. Heating the deep dermal collagen reduces skin laxity and increases tissue tightening for a more youthful looking complexion. Improvements from SkinTyte at Willow MedSpa can be seen after one treatment, but two to five treatments may be recommended for optimal results.

Improve sagging skin and other imperfections with SkinTyte™ at Willow MedSpa in Morgantown, West Virginia! Call 304.777.2352 to schedule a consultation.

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