Stay Cool (and Slim) with CoolSculpting

Stay Cool and Slim with CoolSculpting | Willow Med Spa & Salon | Morgantown, WV

Are you tired of working out and eating well without seeing the results you want and deserve? You aren’t the only one; many individuals that follow healthy eating and exercising lifestyles don’t see the dramatic results they expect. Some fat, especially around the midsection, is stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise no matter how rigorous the program. Stay cool under pressure and lose stubborn fat with CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that targets resistant fat and freezes it away without any downtime. This FDA-cleared treatment gently freezes fat cells, which are then naturally removed from the body in the following months. As the device freezes fat away, none of the surrounding tissue is harmed, leaving patients happy and slim without surgery.

Say goodbye to the “muffin top” and “love handles” with CoolSculpting. Without any visible marks and no invasion necessary, CoolSculpting is the hottest way to slim down this summer!

To learn more about CoolSculpting or to schedule your consultation, call Willow MedSpa at 304.777.2352 for more information today!

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