What in the World Does Radiofrequency Do?

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Ready to up your aesthetic game? For the least invasive and least time-consuming solution to help correct skin laxity, we’ve got radiofrequency. 

It’s totally safe, painless, AND effective for anti-aging. Learn more about radiofrequency for aesthetics below.

What is radiofrequency and why is it used in aesthetics?

Radiofrequency is a specific energy-delivery method that transmits heat from a device into the layers of the skin (AKA the dermis). 

When we target skin imperfections with heat at a precise temperature and depth, the skin reacts the same as it would if it were wounded: it kickstarts a natural healing process, generating collagen and elastin in the targeted area.

This process naturally tightens loose skin and strengthens thin skin to improve the contour and laxity of specific areas. 

How does Willow Med Spa use radiofrequency?

We often utilize radiofrequency therapy in aesthetics to help tighten the skin with minimal downtime and with no invasive techniques!

Applying radiofrequency to the skin is easy and painless. We combine radiofrequency with microneedling for a single amazing treatment called Profound (or RF microneedling).

What can radiofrequency treat?

Profound can treat any area of the face or body, including the neck and chin; arms and elbows; knees and legs; and more. 

It is FDA-cleared to improve the appearance of cellulite, sagging jowls, double chin, facial wrinkles, and more!

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