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Welcome to Morgantown, the amazing town in north central West Virginia. Willow Med Spa is proud to be a part of this community, offering a variety of medical aesthetics, spa, and salon services such as:

  • Injectables
  • Facials & Exfoliation
  • Laser Treatments
  • Body Contouring
  • Additional Body Services
  • Hair Salon
  • & More

Every year, we serve thousands of students from WVU, West Virginia Junior College, Franklin University, Fairmont State University, and other colleges across West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

If you’re returning to one of these campuses, let Willow become your go-to for all the things you need to feel confident in AND out of the classroom. 

Check out our Back to Campus Beauty Guide below for our most popular treatments in 2021.

5 Factors That Go Into Creating Your Back-to-School Treatment Plan

For some people, investing in their skin can be just as important as investing in an education.

What many don’t understand is that this “investment” is more than just buying products. It’s finding the right professional skincare experts near you to get you on the right track. 

Here are five important factors to keep in mind as you look forward to the upcoming school year.

1. The right provider

Oftentimes, college students are tempted by Groupon and other lowest-price-on-the-block aestheticians. We’ll simply leave it at this: it takes significantly more time and money to correct poorly done aesthetics treatments than it does to get them from someone reputable in the first place.

Not only can these treatments have lasting effects on your skin and quickly become a safety issue; but often these aestheticians do not go through the extensive training that our providers have, and do not implement a custom a process for planning the treatments that will work best for your unique skin and body!

One easy red flag to look for is the type of treatment your aesthetician or medical provider recommends to you. Are they just selling you a series of something just because it’s the only thing they offer? Or is it truly the best treatment for your needs?

2. Upcoming special occasions

Looking to prepare for homecoming? You should book your appointment now. 

One of the most common misconceptions about some of our treatments is that the results are instant. Not only can results take time to fully develop; but there could also be additional side effects. Obviously, if you have a big event or special occasion coming up, this could cause potential issues.

Occasionally, injectables and other aesthetic treatments can cause bruising, soreness, or swelling as well, so be sure to take this into account before beginning any treatment series.

3. Your budget

It’s especially important that students keep track of their budget and set an amount they would like to spend with their aesthetician or medical provider to help set realistic expectations going into your treatment plan. After all, you’ve also got textbooks to buy and sororities to rush

4. Time of year

You should also keep in mind the time of year when planning with your aesthetician. That’s because it’s better to do certain types of treatments during certain seasons. For example, laser treatments aren’t necessarily safe for summer due to the risk of excess sun exposure. However, during back to school season as the weather begins to cool down, it’s a great time to start addressing the sun damage you accumulated over the summer break and start addressing more deep-set wrinkles. 

5. Your typical morning routine

How much time do you want to commit to getting ready each morning? Depending on the start times of your classes, certain med spa treatments can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on your daily and weekly beauty routine (though it won’t and shouldn’t eliminate your entire skincare routine!). Think about which things take you the most time (Shaving your legs? Filling your brows?) and prioritize treatments for these efforts first. 

In addition, you should think about the type and number of products you use on a daily and weekly basis. What concentration of active ingredients do they provide? A medical spa can offer medical-grade skincare products that are more effective for the amount of money you spend on the things you normally purchase at a drugstore, like moisturizers, cleansers, serums, and masks.

Once you visit Willow Med Spa for an initial consultation, we can discuss all these factors in detail and help create a customized treatment plan for getting you on the right track this year.

Best Medical Spa Treatments for College Students in 2021

First-Day Ready: One-Time Med Spa Treatments for Back to School

Have you met HydraFacial MD? If not, we’re about to blow your mind   HydraFacials can treat all skin types, from dull, rough skin to oily and sensitive skin. HydraFacial MD can also be customized for each client, addressing their specific concerns for the results they desire. There are also a variety of customizable add-on serums to help further hydrate and brighten your skin as needed.

DiamondGlow is a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to work with pro-infusion serums.

By combining skincare and science, we deliver radiant, healthy-looking skin. After your customized diamond facial the skin will appear brighter, healthier, smoother, clearer with unclogged pores, and a more even skin tone.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products
Prep for a great year with the right products. As we mentioned before, medical-grade skincare products are a great way to invest in your skin AND maintain your treatment results at home. Each and every product we carry has been carefully chosen and heavily researched so we can give you the BEST products on the market. They range from medical grade to plant-based and USDA-Certified Organic to offer options for all skincare needs.

Wrinkles on your radar?   Anti-Aging Treatments for College Students

Preventative Botox is one of the most popular procedures among college students in Morgantown. If you’re already picturing yourself laboring in the library and scrunching your face over an impossible biology question or English paper, this could be the perfect solution to preventing long-term wrinkles from sticking around after graduation.

Dermal Filler
“Dermal filler” is a broad category that can span anything from injectables for wrinkle reduction to contouring. Depending on the placement and severity of your wrinkles, we can select the right brand and volume of fillers (measured in CCs) to help you smooth those wrinkles and build collagen in all the right places!

You woke up like this ✨ Routine-Shrinking Med Spa Treatments

You want bold and beautiful lashes, but the maintenance is killer. Eyelash extensions are one of the best ways to achieve a fuller look that brightens your eyes and gives you a more feminine look first thing in the morning! Even if you’re not “a makeup girl” our clients rave about the ease and simplicity of having eyelash extensions.

Brow Lamination & Waxing
Brows can be one of the most tedious parts of a make-up routine, between tweezing, shaving, shaping, and filling. Two of our college-favorites are brow lamination + our Waxing add-on. Brow lamination is an alternative to microblading. It creates the illusion of fullness and growth with ZERO downtime or recovery involved. By first waxing the outlying brow hair, we can then brush the remainder into a beautiful, full shape. Then, we apply a lifting cream and a nourishing oil to replenish the moisture in the area. After this quick and easy process, your results typically last about 2 months, but sometimes longer!

Cheek Filler
Want to ditch the contour brush? Shave hours off your weekly make-up routine with cheek fillers! We can inject filler into the area above your cheekbone to help highlight your best features and promote facial symmetry. 

Under Eye Filler
One too many late nights? We know, we know, you’re studying hard!   No matter your reason for lack of sleep, under eye bags can make us look more tired and run-down than we feel on the inside. We can artfully apply dermal fillers underneath the eye to help soften and fill a “sunken” look.

Lip Filler
Lip filler is one of the most popular treatments at Willow Med Spa, especially among college students! One of the most important things to know going into a lip augmentation is that it is neither advisable nor healthy to expect a complete volume transformation overnight.

With lip fillers, it’s important that we take a segmented approach in order to build results over time. Not only is this better for shape and longevity; but it also ensures that you don’t have any regrets about the look you’re going for!

So, we recommend everyone start with a more subtle lip augmentation before coming back to build up additional volume. Subtle lip augmentations are also great for those looking to correct minor asymmetry.

Young & Wild & Free Aesthetic Body Services for College Students

BBL HERO is the next generation of Sciton’s BBL technology, most popularly known as a “photofacial.” We can use BBL Hero on any part of the body to help improve skin tone and texture and combat sun damage!

Want help with your double chin or loose/sagging skin on the neck or body? You may be a candidate for Profound, which utilizes radiofrequency technology to release heat at a precise temperature and depth for corrective issues. 

Laser Hair Removal
Not only does shaving take time and energy (which you should arguably be saving for midterms!) but it also produces lots of waste for the environment. By 2024, it’s predicted that around 160 million disposable razors will be purchased and, inevitably, thrown away.

Laser hair removal is not only safe and effective, but it’s also long-lasting. Since active follicles are disabled, hair cannot regrow. In some cases, certain hormonal changes can cause new follicles to become active, in which case additional treatments may be necessary.

QWO is the first FDA-approved injectable designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In a short series of three injections, we can help drastically reduce the dimples and ripples causing you to feel self-conscious in shorts, dresses, or swimsuits. 

Even better? For some of our clients, QWO is so effective they may not even need three injections in the same place. If that is the case, we can inject a second problem area for even more smoothing and sculpting effects!

EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic waves to target muscles in the abdomen and booty to simulate the movements usually only achieved via spending hours (and hours, and hours) in the gym. In fact, just a 30-minute session can produce the same results equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats! This helps us bring more definition and tone to the body and is popular throughout all times of the year.

Oh, and did we mention you can combine EMSCULPT with QWO for enhanced results?

Your Local Beauty Gurus

Our cutting-edge treatments are backed by the latest innovations and research. All of our providers are exceptionally well-trained and the best in the business. And we are committed to client satisfaction and stand behind all of our work.

Comprising Morgantown’s premier medical spa, the team at Willow Med Spa is trusted by men and women of all ages across the region to provide the most high quality body contouring treatments and deliver amazing results.

If you’re ready to get prepping, schedule a consultation with our staff to get matched with the right aesthetician for your needs. You can also use our Virtual Consultation Tool to discover which treatments may work best to address your concerns before your upcoming vacation.

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