Too Many Choices

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Too many choices

The choices in skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and volume correction can seem overwhelming. It seems almost daily, a new device with a fancy name—and even fancier marketing—comes out promising great results with no effort. Often, a famous model or actress will put their face on the ads to show that they trust this product. 

How does one choose? Are you getting something safe? Will it work? How much does it cost—just to find out?

So let’s take one issue that comes up quite often and look at the bigger picture of how it is addressed.

Skin laxity, or loose skin, on the face, jaw, and neck is a common concern for many people. How can that be addressed?

First, there’s surgery. 

The gold standard, is a facelift and/or neck lift. These work, no doubt about it. A good facial plastic surgeon can definitely tighten and lift the skin. The issues however, can be—

1. A substantial amount of downtime. Surgery requires recovery. There’s no way around that.

2. Results aren’t always what you wanted. Even in the best hands you may not look like you thought you would.

3. Risks of surgery—including infection, scarring, nerve damage, amongst others.

So for many, a non surgical approach is more appealing. Non surgical approaches can range from no down time to a couple of weeks of downtime, but down time is usually less than with surgery, and the risks of infection, scarring, and nerve damage are usually substantially less. But with that—the results can be less dramatic, and there is usually a waiting period to see full results.

The non surgical approaches almost all are going to use some type of energy to stimulate your own collagen, elastin, and/or hyaluronic acid to get the desired effect. These are the structural support for your skin. As the energy is applied, small areas of damage causes your body to heal the structural support, which usually results in a lifting and tightening of the skin.

Multiple types of energy are being used, and this is where the multiple devices come in to play.

Ultrasound energy, Radiofrequency energy (RF), light energy (lasers and light devices), and microneedling (physical damage) are the most common devices on the market.

So this is where the science behind how the devices claim to work comes into play. Some of these devices have no real scientific back up for their claims. Some have a few papers written with before and after pictures. The most convincing, at least from my perspective, are devices that do skin biopsies with histiological support ( showing the changes in the cells) to back up their claims.

So at Willow MedSpa, we do that research for you. I don’t expect clients to go through scientific papers to see if the procedure they are undergoing makes sense. But we do read the papers—and if the claims are backed by good studies, with good histiological evidence and great reports of patient satisfaction, then we consider adding the device to our services.

Another factor to consider is who is doing the treatments. 

A fighter jet is useless to a beginner pilot, but even a small Cessna can be a great tool for a well trained fighter pilot. So just having a fancy device may still not get you the results you want. 

At Willow , we train and learn continuously. And our staff have been in this business for many years, with the experience and knowledge needed to get the best results. AND—we research and buy the best equipment to get the job done right.

We offer Sciton lasers and light devices because they are a proven success for skin rejuvenation. We have added profound by Candela for skin tightening because this device has shown the best results both histiologically and with patient satisfaction . We do coolsculpting as it is still the number one device for nonsurgical fat reduction. And we do more Botox and Juvederm (Allergan products) than anyone in our area—because these products have been around longer, work better, and last longer than any other brands we have tried—and we’ve tried them all. And we will continue to research and add new treatments based on not what is the newest offering, but what is getting proven results. 

So confused about what treatment to get? Come to us for a free consultation to learn what we know and help you decide which treatment is right for you.

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