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Each and every product we carry has been carefully chosen and heavily researched so we can give you the BEST products on the market. They range from medical-grade to plant-based and USDA-Certified organic, Willow Med Spa offers options for all skincare needs.

Skinbetter Science

Only available for purchase through a registered physician, skinbetter science products are formulated with groundbreaking, patented technologies developed with advanced chemistry and designed to deliver clinical efficacy and safety.


Senté offers a line of skincare products that naturally repairs the molecules responsible for renewing damaged, inflamed skin. They have developed a version of Heparan Sulfate and have infused it into their medical-grade skincare products.


With roots in skin cancer research, Skinceuticals provides high potency fomulas proven to optimally penetrate into skin. They formulate products for corrective properties to fight and improve signs of aging. They also prioritize protection of healthy skin and prevention of sun damage.


Neocutis was born out of Swiss research into the science of wound healing. Originally, their formula repaired burned skin; however, researchers quickly realized that after application, the skin around the burn seemed healthier and more youthful. They later introduced patented processed skin proteins to further provide anti-aging qualities and post-procedure skin care.


Glo medical-grade skincare products pair your skin type with specialty treatments to address your skin concerns for a more personalized approach. Once our specialists identify your optimal skincare routine, they provide a mineral makeup collection to ensure healthy skin underneath. This line offers a variety of formula and finish options and a large shade gallery to promote every client’s unique skin tone and type.

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