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Organic Beauty Products in Morgantown, WV


All of the skincare products we carry have been carefully chosen and heavily researched so we can give you the BEST products on the market. All of our products are plant based, if not USDA Certified organic and they are always free of any harmful chemicals and ingredients.

Circuit Cosmeceuticals

The key to this extraordinary collection of skin treatment solutions is the extensive use of Chiral Technology! Each formula blends trusted, purified ingredients with a commonsense “be good to yourself” approach that specifically address skin sensitivities and allergies. Their products are USDA certified organic and free of artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances!

Coola – Coola

is a green, yet still luxurious sunscreen brand. All of their products protect and nourish the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, while remaining free of parabens, paba, petroleum and phthalates. COOLA’s products are certified organic and natural while still giving you sun protection for up to 80 minutes.


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