Find Your Glow: Willow MedSpa Suggests Practicing Yoga For Radiant Skin!

Find Your Glow: Willow MedSpa Suggests Practicing Yoga For Radiant Skin!

Yoga is known to be a relaxing and sometimes challenging full-body workout. There are various different types of yoga, and even more types of poses. We all know yoga can help create a strong, lean body with improved posture and body awareness. What some people may not know is that yoga is the key to clear, glowing skin!

Yoga reduces one of the main factors that cause acne and fine lines: stress. Yoga helps to decrease stress by helping people relax and often times meditate. Learning how to breath deeply is essential for relaxation, which is necessary for clear, healthy skin. Reducing stress levels will also help create a balanced sleep schedule that will improve the appearance of your complexion and help the entire body function more efficiently. Blood and oxygen circulation will increase throughout the body, allowing more oxygen to the cells for younger looking skin on your hands and feet.

Certain poses and stretches performed in yoga actually massage and encourage blood and oxygen flow to the organs, helping to detoxify the body while giving the skin a radiant glow. Yoga can also improve lymphatic functions including eliminating infection and cancerous cells, balancing hormones and detoxing the body.

Many yoga poses have anti-aging qualities, especially inversions like forearm stands, handstands and headstands. Other poses increase circulation, allow blood flow to the face and stimulate skin cell renewal for a more youthful complexion. Yoga studios such as, Suncrest Yoga offer a variety of yoga classes that can help you get glowing skin!

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