Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is the new go-to procedure for getting thicker, fuller-looking brows. It’s practically a perm for your brows, and it’s the most effective method for softening coarse, choppy hairs because it unifies all hair strands. You can get a just combed look or an arch that looks thick and plumped. Lamination will straighten your brow hairs and cause them to grow towards the same side. They’ll get a perfect shape while giving them a straighter and ample appearance.


Your brow lamination treatment will begin with a consultation to determine the optimum shape and size for you. First, a gentle solution is put on the brows to ensure the hair is straight and flexible. Then, a hydrating serum is coated on all the hairs. We’ll put a natural-looking tint on your brows with a personalized shade tailored to your hair strand color. A nourishing serum is placed on the brows. The procedure can take up to one hour to complete. You’ll get optimal results after one treatment, and it lasts for one month.


It’s crucial that you keep your brows dry and away from water for twenty-four hours after the procedure. Discontinue washing your face with cleansers and water for one day. The brow lamination procedure can cause excessive dryness on your brow hairs. We recommend using an adequate amount of castor or argan oils daily for maximum hydration. Then you’ll brush your brows daily to ensure their new shape stays solid. Lamination will straighten your brow hairs, but you’ll have to comb them regularly for a feathery appearance. Finish with a clear brow gel to perfect the placement of the brows.


Brow Lamination is a treatment that restructures your hair.
The procedure can take forty-five minutes to an hour.
Yes. You can reverse the treatment by washing your brows with water within twenty-four hours after the procedure.
The results can last six weeks. After a few days, you can put castor oil or a hydrating balm on your brows daily to keep them moisturized.

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