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Custom Facials

Custom Facials

Exfoliate, replenish, and rejuvenate your skin with custom facials. Our advanced jelly mask detoxifies and protects your skin. We can customize it to your skin’s needs and add it to other cosmetic services. Look and feel younger and more vibrant with customized facials from Willow Med Spa. Jelly masks are formulated with refined alginate to give them a jelly-like texture. This causes the jelly mask to extract all impurities while stimulating a vacuum-like seal on the skin. This is the most significant perk of the jelly mask. Beneath the vacuum-like seal, the jelly mask provides hydration and nourishment that your skin absorbs into the deepest layers. Once the mask is peeled, you’ll get satin-soft skin that will make you smile.



The Jelly Mask

The jelly mask consists of a vitamin-rich formula to promote healthy skin growth with dramatic and impressive results. It contains various antioxidants to help diminish skin imperfections caused by free radicals. This jelly mask encourages anti-aging and antioxidant properties because of vitamin C, expedites skin repair by giving you healthy epidermis and dermis rejuvenation, and boosts collagen, elastin, and plumpness. You’ll get a naturally glossy and even-toned complexion. The specialized jelly facial can hydrate your face and reduce the appearance of acne, acne scarring, and various skin conditions.


The custom jelly mask purifies your facial skin to extract impurities from pores. It treats acne, fine lines, and dry, dull skin.
You’ll get an instant glow and plump skin after the first session. Your results will continue to improve for one week after the procedure. We recommend using a natural cleanser to keep your facial skin exfoliated and purified.
The visible results include hydration and smooth skin. It may last up to one week or longer. We recommend continued sessions for optimal results.
Yes. The pressure of exfoliation and extractions of impurities may cause redness and blotchy skin. These symptoms subside within a few hours.


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