PDO Threads

PDO Threads

PDO Threads is the premier anti-aging treatment that treats sagging skin and wrinkles, giving you a renewed and rejuvenated appearance. As your skin ages, it may get crepey, and elasticity reduces. The durable threads we use in our procedure ensure that your skin gets maximum tightness and firmness. A polydioxanone thread is a non-surgical facelift that revitalizes and enhances the structure of the face and body using dissolvable sutures to lift your skin gently. PDO Threads smooth fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes mild to moderate skin flaws, such as acne scarring and deep creases. Get a glowing complexion and smooth skin texture with a treatment that accommodates all skin types.



As the premier provider of PDO Threads, the specialists at Willow Med Spa will first meet with you for an initial consultation to determine your eligibility for treatment. Then, perform an in-depth assessment and discuss your customizable options. As there are various sizes, strengths, and purposes of threads, we’ll help you decide on the placement, orientation, and shape to best address sagging skin. We’ll also help you determine if any other treatments may help to enhance your results. We can implement PDO Threads as stand-alone or add to a more extensive anti-aging regimen, including Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Laser Skin Resurfacing. The personalized threads are administered into the skin to lift and volumize the tissues. First, we cleanse the treatment area, and then an anesthetic will be applied for maximum comfort. We gently make a small laceration into the skin and insert a cannula. The thread will be bonded into place and pulled out with the cannula. Once the threads are in place, they’re trimmed. Not only will PDO threads provide an immediate lift and contour effect, but they will also help stimulate new collagen to the area and improve elasticity and firmness of the skin for up to two years because of the cellular rejuvenation effects.


A thread lift can treat sagging areas near your cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes.

The complete improvements to skin firmness and rejuvenation can be seen 3-4 weeks after your procedure. During these weeks, the skin becomes renewed, and collagen overflows in the treatment area. This results in a youthful glow and tightness.

PDO Threads are entirely absorbed by the body six months after the procedure.
Yes. You may get swelling, bruising, inflammation, skin puckering, dimpling, or irritation.

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