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Med Spa Misconceptions: Does Botox Make You Look Frozen?

Med Spa Misconceptions Do Fillers Make You Look Fake | Willow Med Spa & Salon | Morgantown, WV

We’re here to clear up another med spa misconception! Botox is arguably the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world, but there is still some discussion about whether it makes you look “frozen” after the treatment.

Does Botox make you look frozen?

In short, no! Botox from the right injector should never make you look frozen. If someone appears “frozen” after Botox, they may have received too high of a dose in too many treatment areas. 

The goal of Botox isn’t to “freeze” the facial muscles in your face; it’s to relax them. You should still have enough control over the muscles in the area to express yourself, but the lines and wrinkles in the area will look much softer and more youthful! 

The right injector will analyze your facial expressions and muscle movement prior to injecting Botox. 

It’s important to find the right injector for any treatment. Other important cues when looking for a Botox provider include:

  • A portfolio of before and after photos with different treatment areas, ages, and amounts of Botox
  • Testimonials from past filler clients or someone you know
  • A resume of training, years of experience, and relevant credentials

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