Salt Facials: The New Trend in Facial Treatment You Should Know

Salt Facials: The New Trend in Facial Treatment You Should Know

Our bodies have their natural way of hurting and curing us simultaneously. Sometimes, things surrounding us are our main culprits in having bright and glowing skin. The sun, for example, is harmful to our skin; that is why sunblocks are made to protect us from various skin issues such as acne. However, everything in our nature is not a disadvantage. The sun can be a source of vitamins. The beach that we love has sea-salt water that can benefit our skin. Salt is not just for cooking anymore, but a new facial treatment trend that you should know. We are introducing a salt facial!

What is a salt facial? 

Salt facials are a three-way process consisting of restorative, replenishing, and rejuvenating factors. This procedure is also known to be one of the first technologies to use a combination of pure and natural sea salt with cavitation ultrasound and high-powered LED light therapy. According to sources, salt facials are also efficient for all skin types. 

What is salt facial for? 

Salt facials are for various skin issues. It treats acne, pigmentation, inflammation, redness, stretch marks, and vascular lesions. 

What are the benefits of a salt facial? 

Sea salt facials have tons of advantages, especially if you want to have healthy glowing skin naturally. Salt facials give beneficial results, maximum exfoliation, remove redness, have natural ingredients, give instant results, are a three-part facial, and reduce inflammation. 

Additionally, it detoxifies, nurtures, hydrates, and promotes healing, all in a single treatment. You can also experience glowing and rejuvenating results with little to no downtime. It also gives more advanced results than microdermabrasion which makes your skin smoother and clearer, having healthier skin. Salt facials also encourage oxygen production for the skin for a dewy look. The dewy look is a common trend for make-up, but you can have it without the presence of cosmetic products with salt facials. 

Aside from this, the salt itself has tons of benefits like antibacterial, calming, antimicrobial, and balancing effects which are excellent for acne and skin dullness. The salt also maintains water, which bloats the skin cells and makes the skin profoundly plump and hydrated, efficient in lessening fine lines. 

Is salt facial for you? 

With the continuous rise of popular facial procedures, probably a small portion of the population would be enticed to try salt facials. However, salt facials can offer more. Here are some considerations you can ponder on if a salt facial is for you: 

  1. You want a non-toxic beauty regimen: Salt facial is mainly composed of sea salt, which can shed excess layers of the skin to reveal healthier, clearer, and smoother skin in a non-invasive and non-toxic way. 
  2. You aim to address several skin issues: The procedure is known to address skin issues such as enlarged pores, sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, post-surgical healing, skin discoloration, and collagen stimulation. Professionals say that salt facials also give dramatic results even in one session. 
  3. One-stop glow is your thing: If you are the type of person who wants to have that natural glow before attending events, a salt facial is for you! Salt facials provide a dewy, glowing look without breaking out after it. There could be minimal downtime, but it would not interfere with the freshness you want. 
  4. You experience hormonal acne: Occasional and even hormonal acne may stress you out, and this stress may also bring out more acne. Salt facial is to the rescue in relieving hormonal acne, even the occasional splurt, because of a monthly cycle, anxiety, and environmental toxins. 
  5. You are fond of being outside under the sun: If you worry about being exposed to the sun after a sea salt facial, you can brush that thought away! Because salt facials continue to be adequate rain or shine. That is why you do not have to delay that beach trip and enjoy the sea where the salt in your treatment came from. 

What is the 3-step process for a salt facial? 

Aside from all the benefits stated above, the effective 3-step process for a salt facial also makes it stand out from the others. There are still few medical spas that offer salt facials, but to give you an overview, here is the golden three-step process that may stick to you until the end of this blog: 

Step one: Restoring through Exfoliation 

In this step, your provider will trace your face in a grid pattern with a machine that uses a closed-loop pressure, which means no suction. It makes it safer and leaves salt residue on your face. The salt is said to gently remove the stratum corneum or the top layer of your skin. 

Step two: Replenish with Ultrasound.

After the skin exfoliation, your provider will use an ultrasound module to stir essential nutrients back into your skin. The ultrasound process will open up your cells to accept and absorb hydration and products two times more profound into the skin tissue. Replenishing promotes healthier skin texture and stimulates collagen reformation, making skin tighter and firmer. 

Step three: Rejuvenate in LED light therapy.

After absorbing nutrients, the last step is LED light therapy. The red light encourages collagen production, which will keep your skin rejuvenated, while the blue light aids in killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. Because you are exposed to radiation, your provider will cover your eyes with goggle-like eyewear. You can also take time to relax and feel good about yourself while this process happens. 

How does salt facial work? 

In each of these three steps, it will give your skin a unique miracle. The treatment starts with an all-natural sea salt exfoliation wherein these salt crystals purify and even out your skin. After the exfoliation, your skin’s layers will absorb the replenishing antioxidants. Once your skin has soaked all the nutrients, you are already on the last part. Multi-wavelength phototherapy LED modules promote collagen production, leaving your skin healthy and rejuvenated.

What is the result of salt facial like? 

Patients usually notice changes after a single treatment when it comes to the results. The skin could have redness and inflammation, but this will eventually dissipate. Some patients testify that the next day after their treatment, they immediately felt the glow and softness of their skin. 

In Willow Medspa and Salon, you can experience the best out of salt facials! Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, let your inner beauty shine by enhancing the radiance in your skin. 

We are all rooting for you to see a unique and glowing version of your skin. That is why do not hesitate to contact your provider now and jump into the facial salt trend. We assure you that you will not regret it!

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