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A Day at the Spa is Good for Your Mental Health

Your mental health guides your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. How you treat and care for your body directly influences your mind and therefore your mental and emotional wellbeing.

All of these factors affect how well you are coping with anxiety, stress, and challenges, as well as, celebrating the good things in your life. Taking care of your mental health, therefore, is crucial.  Self-care is an important part of this process.

So, if you think an afternoon at the spa is merely for vanity, think again. Making the time to treat yourself well embraces some simple elements of self-care that will keep you at the top of your game mentally and emotionally.  It is about more than just looking beautiful.

Engage your senses

Whether you find the smell of lavender or the sound of music uplifting, you should appeal to all your senses to boost your mood. From sights, sounds, and scents, a spa is a rejuvenating oasis meant to appeal to all of your senses. Soft colors, warm lighting and soothing scents create a relaxing space to breathe.

Prioritize your leisure time

Don’t forget to do fun things that you enjoy. Every day should include at least one thing you enjoy doing, whether it’s listening to music, walking in the woods or working on your favorite hobby.  But, this could also mean scheduling the time to get the haircut and color you have been putting off because you are too busy with work and kids.  Prioritizing yourself and your needs gives you the mental energy to also care for others in your life.

Be kind to yourself

Treating yourself kindly and with respect means you value who you are. Focus on ways to prop your inner-self up rather than break yourself down. A big part of being kind to yourself is taking care of your body and your skin.  Make the time to honor your body because you are worth the effort and expense.

Spend time with friends

Social interactions with friends, in real life and not online, can dramatically reduce your stress levels and improve your mental wellness. Talking and spending time with another person, especially one you care for and trust, releases essential hormones that tamp down stress and alter your mental state. When was the last time you had a “girl’s day” with your bestie? Schedule a lunch date and a facial at the spa.  It is a fun time of bonding that will give you a huge boost to your confidence and your mood.

Embrace self-care, take a spa day!  You will look beautiful, feel fantastic and be better equipped to take charge of all other aspects in your life.

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