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Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure to achieve natural-looking eyebrows. It gives your eyebrows a stunning shape and a soft feathered appearance. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing, microblading deposits pigments below the skin using hair strokes, achieving a natural-looking result. The tint fills in sparse areas with gaps and completely covers the skin with a plush look. Microblading is an effective and semi-permanent alternative to filling in your brows with cosmetic products.



The results you get from Microblading are durable and long-lasting. The natural eyebrow hairs you’ll get won’t fade because of sweat, sunscreen, or swimming in water. We’ll discuss the shape and size you’d like to achieve during your consultation. First, we prep the brows by shaping and cleansing them. We’ll choose customized color swatches to give the hair strands your exact hair color. Then, we outline your brows, and a topical ointment is used to maximize your comfort. We use an exclusive tool that resembles a pen. This advanced device features a slanted nib at the tip of it. It carefully dispenses the pigment as we glide it on the brows. This results in radiant pigmented brushstrokes that look like realistic hair strands. The procedure takes one hour to perform. Most patients get follow-up treatments sparingly to keep reaping the appearance of thick, satin-soft brows.


If you have thinning eyebrows and would like to enhance their shape, then you’re a great candidate. Microblading is a semi-permanent brow treatment for patients who want to fill in sparse areas and volumize their brows.

You’ll see the complete results after 3-4 weeks. Most patients get noticeable improvements after the first procedure. It may take a week or more for your brows to heal. The Microblading healing process takes twenty-five to thirty days and begins after treatment.

Generally, results can last 18-30 months. Depending on the brow shape and thickness you’re going for, you’ll need to follow up sessions every twelve to eighteen months.
Yes. You might get dryness, peeling, stinging, and irritation.

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