Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Valentine’s Day Thoughts | Willow Med Spa & Salon | Morgantown, WV

Special Valentine’s Day Thoughts

By Dr. Jim Ross, medical director at Willow Med Spa

What is love?

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day we celebrate love.  There is no clear consensus on who St. Valentine was, or how the day as a celebration began.  There are stories of a St. Valentine that was martyred who before his death sent a love letter to a young woman, possibly the jailor’s daughter confessing his love.  The day of celebration may be in remembrance of him, or perhaps a christianized pagan celebration known as Lupercalia, a fertility festival.   Although none of these stories are confirmed as the truth, the real issue is that we only have one day to remind us to love!

What is love? Love is usually defined by some strong emotion, and often relegated to those associated with romance.  Valentine’s Day seems to fall into that category as well, since the commercialization of the day is focused mostly on romantic love.  But Love is so much more, and such a bigger concept.

Love is energy—the energy that holds all things together. What we often forget is that we are love.  We cannot hold ourselves together without the energy that binds our atoms, cells, organs, etc.  It is all the same energy.  The energy of love.  What we feel when we are “in love” is the power of that energy.  There are certain neurochemicals released in our brains when we connect with the feeling of love that facilitate all the emotions, however, it is that connection with that power and energy that start the process.   The emotions felt are those associated with divine power—divine love.  That divine power and love is you.

Many people fear the connections of intimacy.  But how can we fear love?  We often do not go for what we truly want—including relationships—for fear of hurt, or fear that we will be viewed as weak, or misunderstood in our intentions.  One cannot prevent pain.  The pain  avoided will surface as the pain of denial of the very thing you need.

A major flaw in ones thinking is that you can “do” something or not do something to get others to like or love you.  But it’s who you are that is loveable and attractive.

So for a Valentine’s Day gift — give yourself love.  It is in you and is you.  Your being here is that love.  Your gift to the world is waiting to be delivered.  First—love yourself, just as you are.  Imagine hugging yourself and saying “I love you, just as you are”. Acceptance is unconditional love.  Then, pass that love on to everyone.  Don’t hold back.  What others may think is irrelevant.  What you FEEL is paramount– love-power-acceptance-joy-peace.

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